NFG exists in order to objectively increase the happiness of humanity.

We do this through exercise, helping both the individual and society, in the short and in the long term.

In short...

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We Make Movement-based Games

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Fitness and Physiotherapy

Squats, pushups, jumping jacks and high knees? Check. Bilateral shoulder flexion, neck extension and wrist rotation? Check.

Corporate Partnerships

For your customers or for your workforce. If you have identified an opportunity where movement brings value, we are interested in talking with you.

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What we're up to

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In 2021 we designed and developed the World’s First Physiotherapy Smartphone AR Game for a customer. The game is meant to help kids with SMA have more fun with physiotherapy, increase their quality of life by complementing a new drug that increases efficacy with exercise.

Our Fitness App

Many people have trouble fitting exercise into their daily lives, despite the abundance of information. We are attacking that problem with our next app. Dopamine-driven, engaging, social. Designed from the ground up to make you feel better in your life.

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The NFG Studio

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Life is not spent in one place

We encourage remote work up to 50% and try our best to make it work. Our office is always online through a wall-mounted TV and conference speaker.

Work in office? Check. Work from home? Check. Malmö? Check. Bali? Check.

Empathic and driven team

We are a small team consisting of many nationalities with wide experiences. Backgrounds range from VR, King, Toca Boca and hypercasual.

NFG is a startup. We seek PM-fit. Expect to be pushed to accelerate. Scale is constantly on our mind. Our aim is to help 100 million users every month.

Illustration of a person doing physiotherapy exercises

Like what you hear? See if a position is open, or throw us a curve-ball with an open application. Come join us for the ride!