Why we exist

Our mission is to give happiness and health to humanity through movement based games.

We are a game studio based in Stockholm, Sweden.

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What we do

We Develop Games with Movement

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Fitness games

A game makes everything more fun, even push-ups, planks, sit-ups and squats. Improve your muscle strength and cardio for a better and longer life.

Physiotherapy games

Injuries or neuromuscular disorders often require daily boring exercises, no wonder it is easy to give up or get stressed. Our games aim to help you stick with it, resulting in a higher quality of life for you.

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Better together

Corporate Partnerships

We are currently developing games for large corporations with a desire to get their customers moving. If you share that need, let us develop games together!

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One of our games


Hold your phone in front of you and squat

Using AR-technology we track every centimeter of your movement. Making an accurate reading of your squat position.

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Screenshot from playing the game

Collect the stars

Your movement up and down is mirrored in a comet moving up and down the sky. Your goal is to collect all the stars and avoid any obstacles.

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Join our game studio!

We are aiming to impact the world and improve the health and well-being for millions of people. Do you want to join us for the ride?

Get in touch and tell us why you’d be a great fit!

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